Lerwick set for new fish market after £3m funding package

A new fish market is being developed at Lerwick Harbour after a £3 million funding package was granted.

The new facility, double the current site’s existing capacity, will allow the main seaport in Shetland to expand for landings and meet increasing demand.

Lerwick Port Authority estimates the new market will be completed in early 2020, creating more jobs and reducing energy consumption by 44%-50%.

Captain Calum Grains, the port’s chief executive, said: “The improved efficiency and increased capacity of the new market completes a phase of developments to create a modern fit-for-purpose hub for the fishing industry at Mair’s Quay.

“Thanks to (Bank of Scotland) support, we are able to grow our business sustainably and efficiently, while reducing environmental impact.”

Fifty-one people are currently employed at the market, which reports a £10 million turnover.

The green technology and sustainable materials used have led to the funding package coming from Bank of Scotland’s £2 billion Clean Growth Finance Initiative.

Carolyn Martin, relationship manager at Bank of Scotland, said: “Scotland is building a reputation as a world leader in sustainable business practices.

“It has been very rewarding to help the team at Lerwick Port Authority capitalise on this trend.

“It can now meet increased demand for space in its market and futureproof a business that is such an important lynchpin of Shetland’s economy.”