I’m 23 and turning to stone

I'm 23 And Turning To Stone  BORN DIFFERENT
I'm 23 And Turning To Stone BORN DIFFERENT

A rare medical condition has left a young woman effectively 'turning to stone'.

At just 23-years-old Carli Henrotay's mobility is already severely restricted.

She can't raise her arms above her head and uses a wheelchair to get around, while her jaw only opens a few millimetres.

Carli has Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP), a condition that causes muscle and connective tissue to slowly change into bone.

Sufferers of FOP have a life expectancy of just 40, and there are currently only 800 people worldwide known to have the condition.

But despite suffering from the condition, Carli lives as positive a life as possible and recently moved in with her boyfriend of six years, Billy.

Find out more about her story in the video above.