Neighbours embroiled in 'almighty row' over flowers using handwritten notes 'is most British thing ever'

Neighbours have been fighting about who owns a flower bed using handwritten notes pinned to a post [Image: Getty]
Neighbours have been fighting about who owns a flower bed using handwritten notes pinned to a post [Image: Getty]

It’s well known that British people will avoid face-to-face confrontation at all costs.

But a group of neighbours on a London street have taken this famous national passive aggressiveness to a whole new level.

A woman has revealed how her local residents have been embroiled in an “almighty row” over who owns the flowers on their road - using a series of handwritten notes pinned to a wooden post.

Rachel Thompson, a writer, shared a picture of angry back-and-forth messages, protected from the elements in plastic wallets, to Twitter.

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Captioning the snap, she wrote: “People on my street are having an almighty row over who owns some flowers.

“There have been no raised voices, just handwritten notes placed inside plastic wallets and pinned to a post.”

In a second tweet, she explained: “It all began a few days ago when someone put up a note saying “please don’t pick my flowers” next to a lupin.

“A few days later, I see a literal war of words has begun.”

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In her photo, the first note politely reads: “Please don’t pick my flowers. Thank you.”

However, a second note took on a rather agitated tone: “In an area massively affected by gentrification, it’s sad to see people claiming ownership of even the flowers.”

A third message quite reasonably pointed out: “Flowers on the public pavement are owned by all the community, not just the house they happen to fall in front of.”

But a fourth person came to the defence of the first poster, writing: “Are you serious?

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“This is not about ownership or gentrification. This is about someone trying to make the street a nicer place for everyone by planting flowers.”

Rachel then revealed: “Sorry to report that the debacle has ended with the original note-poster digging up the flowers to take them ‘elsewhere’”

She shared a picture of an empty flower bed and further notes.

The person who removed the flowers explained that they had originally been planted there as part of a community project by local volunteers because the council didn’t pay for maintenance.

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However, the person who had initially criticised the original notice days before couldn’t help themselves but write another message stating that it was “misleading” for them to have been referred to as “my flowers” and it is a “shame that you have taken it upon yourself to dig up the community flowers”.

Another local then added: “Love, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, why don’t you plant some flowers.”

The tweets received hundreds of likes with many claiming it was the most British thing they’d ever seen.

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