Maajid Nawaz: Britain is on a trajectory to no-deal Brexit

Maajid Nawaz has explained how no-deal Brexit has become more likely as a result of the Tory leadership contest.

A number of high profile Conservative MPs have put themselves forward to succeed Theresa May as Tory leader after she announced the date she will step down as Prime Minister.

But Nawaz is wary how with Brexiteer Boris Johnson as the front runner, the UK is heading on a trajectory to no-deal Brexit.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nawaz said that the only way to avoid leaving the European Union without a deal is for the Conservatives to either elect a pro-Remain leader or for a Brexiter who can re-negotiate a deal with Brussels.

"But the Brexiter who leads the Tory party will be unable to convince Brussels to offer us a better deal than the one we already have as members," he said.

"Therefore the default option on October 31st is a no-deal Brexit."

Maajid continued: "You've got a Brexit Prime Minister who isn't able to renegotiate a better deal with Brussels than Theresa May brought home, why would they not go for a second referendum or general election?

"The Tory leadership contest is going to go on until the 2nd of July after which Parliament breaks for summer, so nothing is going to be resolved this end of the summer holidays.

"Parliament has from the 4th to the 13th September to get its act together but then House rises again for conference season.

"The House then returns on the 9th October.

"We literally only have from the 9th October to the 31st October to either organise a second referendum or a general election, and why would any Brexiter Prime Minister risk either of those?"