Brexit Party could win an MEP in Scotland, early European results suggest

Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP is polling well in the European elections, with early results also showing Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party on track to see an MEP elected from Scotland.

The SNP topped the poll in the first four council areas to declare their voting figures – East Ayrshire, West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire and the Scottish Borders.

In East Ayrshire, where the SNP took 41% of the vote, the Brexit Party were second on 16.4%, ahead of Labour on 12.9% and the Conservatives on 11.3%, while the Liberal Democrats secured 7.9% of votes cast, compared to 5.4% for the Scottish Greens.

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The SNP also topped the poll in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, with 45.4%, while Labour held on for second on 15.9%. The Brexit Party were third with 13.8%, Liberal Democrats fourth on 7.3% and the Greens polled 6.6%.

The Brexit Party pushed Labour into third in Renfrewshire, with Nigel Farage’s party securing 13.6%, just ahead of Labour’s 13.2%. The SNP secured 41.4% of votes, while the Liberal Democrats were fourth with 10.7%.

Here, the Tories were pushed down to fifth, polling 9.4% ahead of the Greens on 6.7%.

In the Scottish Borders area, the SNP were again top – but this time with a lower proportion of votes, securing 28.3% of the ballots.

The Brexit Party were just ahead of the Conservatives, with the parties polling 18.9% and 18.8% respectively, while the Lib Dems were fourth on 7.9%, with Labour’s vote slumping to just 2.8%.

At the last European elections in 2014, the SNP secured 28.9% of votes across Scotland, winning two MEPS.

Labour also returned two MEPs, with 25.9% of the votes then, with both the Conservatives and Ukip getting one MEP, after polling 17.2% and 10.4% respectively. Both the Greens, on 8%, and the Liberal Democrats, who secured 7.1% of the votes, missed out.