Maajid Nawaz shuts down caller who likened teaching LGBT equality to 'beating your wife'

Maajid Nawaz had no choice but to shut off this caller who made the comparison between teaching LGBT equality and "beating your wife".

Maajid Nawaz was shocked to hear the caller draw the comparison during a conversation about protesters gathering outside a Birmingham primary school.

Anderton Park Primary has been criticised by some Muslim parents for promoting LGBT equality with its pupils.

The LBC presenter warned the protesters against being on the "wrong side of history", saying the rights of British Muslims "do not extend to having the right to stifle out the existence of another minority community."

But when a caller likened the teachings to promoting domestic abuse, he brought the call to an end.

Joe said: "When you teach a kid about a behaviour, because being gay is a behaviour.

"It's not like being black, it's not having a culture, it's a behaviour, it's as if the school decided to start teaching kids that it's okay to beat your wife."

Maajid replied: "Are you serious?"

"Are you that illogical that you can not see the distinction between a physical assault and a sexual behaviour with consent with another person?

"You just decided it was okay to make the comparison and say that teaching somebody in school that gay people exist would be like teaching them it's okay to beat your wife.

"And you think that's just going to wash?

"You think people are that stupid that they will follow your trial of thought after that statement?