This man ended up in prison for the names he gave his dogs

three lhasa apso puppies on white
three lhasa apso puppies on white

A Chinese dog breeder had the misfortune of making a bad joke in naming his dogs.

As a result, he had to spend ten days in jail...

According to Beijing News, the breeder named Mr Ban was summoned by the police after posting online that he had named his two new dogs Chengguan and Xieguan.

'Chengguan' are officials, similar to PCSOs, who are employed in urban areas to tackle low-level crime, and 'Xieguan' are informal community workers such as crossing guards.

The Yingzhou Police said the man had used "insulting information... against law enforcement personnel".

They added: "In accordance with the relevant provisions of the People's Republic of China Law on Public Security", he must spend 10 days in an administrative detention centre in the city of Xiangyang.

Mr Ban says he regrets his actions, saying "I didn't know the law; I didn't know this was illegal."