The content of May's speech was 'disgusting', says James O'Brien

Staff writer

LBC host James O'Brien has given a scathing assessment of Theresa May's resignation announcement, branding it has "disgusting".

James told listeners: "The content of the speech, I'm afraid, was disgusting. To cite Nicholas Winton, who dedicated an astonishing period of his life to helping child refugees escape the Nazis. To cite him in defence of her conduct in office; a period in which child refugees that have been abandoned and promises to Alf Dubs, himself a beneficiary of the kindatransport, being broken".

O'Brien finished by telling listeners: "I couldn't quite believe my ears. But the more the dust has settled, the more incredulous my ears have become."

In what was an emotional and tearful speech, Theresa May finally bowed to pressure to set out the steps to leaving Downing Street. Mrs May will resign as Conservative leader on the 7th June, but remain prime minister until the conclusion of the Tory leadership contest in mid July.