Porsche releases augmented reality car configurator app

Porsche has released a mobile phone app that lets customers configure a car before seeing how it would look in the real world.

The app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, uses augmented reality technology to place a 3D-rendered model on top of a live feed from the phone’s camera.

It means users can build their dream car in the app, choosing everything from the colour and wheel design, to the trim level and interior options. They are then able to see how it looks outside their house, local high street, or even parked in their living room.

There are currently three models available to configure, including the 911 Carrera S and 4S, as well as the all-electric Mission E concept. This will be replaced in the autumn by the production version, named Taycan, with the rest of the range expected to be included before the end of the year.

Cars can also be configured on the desktop version of the company’s website before being transferred to the app using a special code.

There’s also a ‘highlight function’, which turns the bodywork transparent allowing viewers to see technical highlights such as the chassis and engine.

With the “#Porsche Augmented Reality Visualizer App”, customers can now create a photorealistic representation of their configured vehicle in the real world. More: https://t.co/H2I75ns33apic.twitter.com/Vg39PkGggr

— Porsche Newsroom (@PorscheNewsroom) May 22, 2019

Oliver Hoffmann, director of marketing communications at Porsche, said: “With our new app, the configuration of a Porsche will be even more of a digital experience.

“Now, before making the purchase decision, everyone can virtually park their dream Porsche in their own driveway, marvel at it in their own living room, or show a photo-realistic version to their friends.”