Is Theresa May TRYING to make things worse, asks former Tory leader

Iain Duncan Smith asked whether Theresa May is actually trying to make her Brexit deal worse as he thoroughly dismissed her "bold new offer".

The Prime Minister unveiled her 10-point plan unveiled on Tuesday to "seek common ground in parliament" to appeal to Labour MPs to get her Withdrawal Agreement Bill through the House of Commons.

However, Duncan Smith insisted it had no chance.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "Normally in politics, I can figure out why someone i saying something. But when I listened to the speech yesterday, I couldn't figure out what in heaven's name that speech was all about.

"What it successfully managed to do, bad as things were, this speech made it even worse.

"There wasn't anybody I could think of that would say 'You know what, that's going to persuade me to go the other way'.

"It's almost as if someone said 'I'll tell you what, I bet you can't get that figure down to 6%. Go on, have a go' and she said 'I can, I can do that'.

"That's exactly what we saw yesterday. It's a tragedy.

"I think the key breaking point now will be the results of the Euros on Sunday, when I think people will step into action."