Sturgeon urges Scots to ‘proclaim their determination’ to remain in Europe

Nicola Sturgeon has urged voters to use next week’s European elections to “stand up for Scotland’s right to be heard”.

With the majority of Scots having voted against Brexit in the 2016 referendum, the First Minister said the ballot on Thursday would allow people north of the border “to proclaim our determination to remain a European nation”.

Launching the SNP European election manifesto in Glasgow, she stated: “At this election we can send the powerful message that Scotland is for Europe.”

A vote for her party on May 23 would send a “simple, clear and unequivocal” message to Theresa May and the rest of the UK Government, Ms Sturgeon said.

The party’s manifesto sets out “a positive, progressive, European future for Scotland,” she said. “It makes clear our determination to stay in the EU. There is now a real chance to keep Scotland in the European Union.”

With the SNP leader amongst those who have championed a People’s Vote on Brexit, Ms Sturgeon restated the SNP commitment to “work with others across the UK to give people a final say”.

She continued: “Any Brexit deal agreed by Westminster must be put to the people with remain on the ballot paper.

“If no deal is the only alternative, Article 50 must be revoked.

“And Scotland must have the choice of becoming an independent, European nation.”