The meaning behind NASA's iconic logo

Staff writer

Conspiracy nuts are often accusing Nasa of covering up all manner of things such as; UFOs, secret space technology and even controlling the weather. And, although you'd think the space agency's logo is pretty innocuous, there are those that believe it also has a hidden meaning.

So what does the famous 'meatball' insignia, as insiders call it, actually represent?

Well, the surprise is that there's no big secret! The blue disc and stars represent a planet and space, with the red chevron adding the upward flight of aeronautics. The grouping of stars is said to mirror the constellation of Andromeda. However, some ufologists claim that it doesn't match current star maps and may actually be linked to Nasa's alleged work on extraterrestrial life.

'The worm'

In-house designer James Modarelli, was originally asked to create a simplified version of the agency's official seal in 1959. The insignia, is just one of three to be used by the agency - with their official seal more common for formal occasions.

The Nasa 'worm' logo was a modernist typeface, synonymous with the design styles of the 1970s and 80s, and while very retro and funky was retired in 1992.

While the theories over the space agency's logo are fun, there are more earthly reasons and explanations for this iconic design.