Teen driver spins out of control after hitting truck

A young driver had a lucky escape when she failed to yield a semi-truck while merging on to a dual carriageway in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) shared dashcam footage from the incident, on the Muskogee Turnpike. It shows the 18-year-old woman's car clip the semi before swerving out of control and into another vehicle.

According to the OHP, no one was hurt.

The driver's father gave the police the dashcam footage for training purposes and they subsequently posted it to their Facebook page.

Popular comments under the clip included one from a trucker saying: "[I] see it pretty much every day. Car on the interstate doesn't want the truck moving over and slowing them down so they accelerate and get beside you. Car on the ramp just can not accept merging in behind a truck so they rather risk their lives to get out in front. So it's kinda car vs car with the truck in between. Spoiler alert...truck wins."

Another commenter wrote: "Many times the vehicle on the freeway can not move over. Not a wise decision to try and out run the vehicle already at freeway speed or play chicken. Slow down and merge when safe!!"

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