Petrol theft suspect arrested after asking for help at police station

A suspected thief driving a stolen car has been arrested – after knocking on the door of a police station claiming he was being chased.

West Midlands Police said the 41-year-old asked for help at Birmingham’s Newtown police station at about 8am on Thursday – a week after allegedly making off from a petrol station without paying.

In a tweet which attracted dozens of replies mocking the arrested man, the force’s response team said: “Unbelievable scenes at Newtown as a male bangs on the station door saying he’s being chased.”

The post added that the man was wanted in relation to five offences including robbery – and was driving a stolen car despite being banned from the road.

One Twitter user described the suspect as being “as thick as a whale sandwich”, while another commented: “If only more criminals would come knocking on your door. It would save you so much time and effort.”

The man remains in police custody.