MSP in unfortunate slip of the tongue when addressing ‘cuts’

An embarrassed MSP suffered a slip of the tongue when trying to say that a new currency in an independent Scotland would lead to “more cuts”.

Instead, Anas Sarwar asked at the Scottish Parliament: “Does the Finance Secretary, who sets the budgets of this Parliament, understand that means more c****?”

His slip of the tongue appeared to go unnoticed in the debating chamber at the time, but the Labour politician quickly took to Twitter to set the record straight.

He tweeted: “I meant CUTS! CUTS!

“I really hope my mum wasn’t watching…

“I have just sent what must be a pretty unique email to the Official Report to clarify!”

Shortly after Mr Sarwar’s mistake, fellow Scottish Labour member Alex Rowley also suffered the same awkward fate, stuttering out the expletive.

Speaking in a debate about the air departure tax, Mr Rowley said: “We’ve got to recognise that as we address the climate c*** crisis…”

Mr Sarwar retweeted a video clip of Mr Rowley’s verbal stumble with the comment: “It’s infectious!”