Woman seen taking child in pram to car arrested for drink-driving

A woman has been arrested for drink-driving after a couple were spotted wheeling a pram and holding cans of beer as they got into a car.

An off-duty officer captured a picture of the couple standing beside a vehicle during the “shameful” incident in the Stafford area.

Staffordshire Police’s road policing unit said officers managed to stop the car on Monday and the female driver had failed a breathalyser test.

Officers said the woman was found to have 61 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath – above the 35 microgramme limit.

The officer who spotted the couple tweeted: “Whilst off-duty, watching a couple both drinking cans of beer whilst, pushing a child along towards a vehicle is always concerning.

“A quick call to @StaffsDogs @staffsresponse who managed to get the car stopped.”

The Stafford Police Twitter account later posted: “That’s two drink drivers in the last two hours. One following a crash, the other with a very young child in the back.

“Drink driving is never acceptable but too many still insist on learning the hard way. We will catch you.”