Quad bike crashes into railings at speed

Staff writer

This is the moment that two people on a quad bike ploughed into a crash barrier on a busy road in Bradford. The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened outside the Station Hotel pub.

The footage shows the quad bike moving at speed crash direct in the the barrier throwing the riders over the handle bars with force. Neither of them were thrown from the bike but one did appear injured as he limped away.

The man picks up items from the road before getting into a car and driving away from the scene.

The footage first appeared on Facebook and then the local newspaper, The Telegraph & Argus.

The partner of the landlady from the Station Hotel pub told the newspaper:

"People are always speeding down Manchester Road but this is the first time someone has gone into the barriers. We went for something to eat in the town afterwards, then came back past later on, which is when we saw the damage."

West Yorkshire Police have passed the video to its road safety unit.