Dramatic gull rescue captivates bystanders in Liverpool

Animal lovers in Liverpool were gripped by a rescue mission to save a gull that got trapped on a building in the city centre.

A crowd reported to be in the hundreds gathered to watch as firefighters worked with the RSPCA to save the bird, which had become tangled in netting on Church Street on Wednesday afternoon.

Firefighters used an aerial platform ladder to lift RSPCA Inspector Helen Smith up to the bird, which she was able to free using wire cutters.

Inspector Smith said: “There was some wire still stuck on the seagull’s wing so I rushed it to the vets for treatment.

“Luckily he just had some flesh wounds and there was no real damage so he was given some antibiotics and painkillers.”

Inspector Smith said the bird, which had been hanging upside down, was “exhausted” and “needs to rest for a couple of days”.

“I have just fed him and he seems to have his appetite so that is always a good sign,” she added.