Almost half of Scots think immigration levels too high, poll suggests

A growing number of Scots believe that too many people are entering the UK, according to a new poll.

In a study conducted by YouGov for The Times, 45% of 1,029 respondents said that the level of immigration into Britain over the last few years has been too high.

A total of 37% of respondents said they thought the level has been “about right”, with 6% saying they thought the level was too low, whilst 11% said they did not know whether the level was right or not.

The study, carried out last week, highlighted a rise in the number of people over the last year who think immigration levels are too high.

Analysis in June 2018 found that 38% of respondents believed that immigration levels were too high.

SNP spring conference
SNP spring conference

Research suggests that 45% of people who voted Yes in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum believe that immigration is too high.

A total of 77% of Leave voters in the Brexit referendum said they thought the level is too high, whilst Conservative voters are most likely to be opposed to more immigration, with 65% stating that view.

The Scottish Government has said that it will help support EU citizens to stay in Scotland and there have previously been calls for immigration control to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament from Westminster.

Speaking at the SNP conference at the weekend, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “I make no apology for taking the opportunity again today to send a message to all our fellow EU citizens.

“Whether you are studying or working in our universities, saving lives in our health service, creating wealth in our business community, catering for our tourists or harvesting our food. Wherever you are in Scotland and whatever you do, you are part of us. And with all our hearts, we want you to stay.”