Penny-farthing enthusiast urges Farage to give him Brexit Party job

A penny-farthing enthusiast has urged Nigel Farage to give him a job in the Brexit Party.

Penny-farthings, the precursor to the modern bicycle, were popular in the 1870s but their unwieldy shape makes them a rarity on roads nowadays.

But Alan Price brought his red-wheeled bike with a black skull-shaped headlamp along to a press conference for Mr Farage’s latest venture.

The 65-year-old, who lives in Battersea, said he was a member of the Brexit Party and hoped to become a candidate.

Mr Price, a former helicopter pilot, said he would be applying to be the party’s two-wheel minister, representing cyclists and motorcyclists.

He told the Press Association he wanted to represent the 35 million bikers, bicyclists and penny-farthing riders in the UK who had been “harassed and excessively regulated” by the EU.

“We as a group are massively in support of Brexit,” he said, adding that bikers had been “incensed” by an EU tax on motorcycle tyres.

A penny-farthing rider for more than 30 years, he said he had also played penny-farthing polo in front of the Queen two years ago.

Alan Price's penny-farthing
Alan Price's penny-farthing

Mr Price said he had not previously taken much interest in political parties, as being “slightly to the right of Genghis Khan” made finding a political home difficult, but he had “voted Tory in the past”.

However, the failure to deliver Brexit meant he was now planning to campaign for Mr Farage’s new party and stand “if I am approved”.

He said: “Democracy has failed to work because we voted out and we want out.

“I have a personal interest in excessive taxation and bicycle tyres but there are also plenty of other laws about kettles and everything else.

“I’m excited now that democracy may rule in the UK because it clearly has not been ruling in recent times.”

Asked about his views of Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Mr Price was scathing.

“They are all just looking for their next job when they stop being MPs,” he said.

“They are looking for their next gravy train and wanting a job in the EU.”