What the papers say – April 18

European elections and climate protests provide the papers with plenty to talk about on Thursday.

The Times carries a picture of Extinction Rebellion activists outside Jeremy Corbyn’s home, while their main story carries data from two polls which suggest the Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage has leapfrogged both the Labour and Conservative parties.

The Daily Telegraph says police are being critical of London mayor Sadiq Khan for expressing support with the Extinction Rebellion activists.

The Guardian carries a report claiming that 25,000 landowners control half the country.

The Metro leads on climate protesters who are said to have vowed to “keep up the pressure” after a third day of action.

The i leads on the ethical debate surrounding the practice of reviving pigs’ brains after death.

The Independent looks at the European elections, writing that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been told to back a second referendum to stop Nigel Farage.

The Daily Mirror leads with warnings from Sir David Attenborough about the impact of climate change.

The Sun reports school children collapsed after eating cakes laced with cannabis.

The Daily Mail carries a picture of police officers at the Extinction Rebellion protest in London, with the paper suggesting the forces are “waving the white flag”.

The Daily Express reports that Sajid Javid will launch a “blitz” on knife crime over Easter.

And the Daily Star carries a story about piranhas “stalking” British lakes.