Teen in park collides with police van in wake of Edinburgh youth brawl

This is the moment a teenager appears to run into the path of a police van after officers were called to investigate youths allegedly causing trouble in a Scottish park.

The shocking clip shows the van accelerating across the grass, prompting more than a dozen kids to disperse and run away in Moredunvale Park, Edinburgh.

When the the van nears one of the youths he appears to collide with the vehicle after jumping onto its bonnet.

The 16-year-old, who police say did not need medical treatment, was arrested for an alleged breach of the peace and an outstanding warrant.

The full circumstances regarding the collision are being investigated as is the identity of other youths involved.

Supt Mandy Paterson, from Police Scotland's Edinburgh Division, told BBC News: "From around 18:30 on Monday 15 April, officers in the South East received numerous calls relating to youth disorder and antisocial behaviour within the Moredunvale Park area.

"Police were quickly dispatched and on arrival, the youths made off. Whilst in attendance, a 16 year-old male youth was arrested for a breach of the peace and outstanding warrant.

"We have confirmed this person collided with a police vehicle immediately prior to his arrest. He did not require medical attention as a result of this.

"The full circumstances of this collision are being investigated and the Police Scotland Professional Standards Unit have been informed.

"We are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour and disorder across the city."