Sinn Fein select European election candidate

Sinn Fein has confirmed that its current MEP in Northern Ireland will run again for her seat.

Elections to the European Parliament are going ahead in May despite the United Kingdom’s imminent exit from the European Union.

Martina Anderson, who has been one of Northern Ireland’s three MEPs since 2012, said she is proud to lead her party’s team in Europe.

“I have been proud to be the head of a Sinn Fein EU Team of dedicated MEPs and activists in defending the interests of the people of Ireland,” she said at a selection convention at the Balmoral Hotel in Belfast.

“When Britain voted to leave, from the outset our MEP team were on the front line.

“We got the European Parliament and the European Council, to understand the importance of the GFA (Good Friday Agreement) and to make it one of their central objectives in the Brexit negotiations.”