What the papers say – April 12

Julian Assange’s unceremonious removal from the Ecuadorian embassy in London makes headlines on Friday, along with Brexit and the Duchess of Sussex.

The Guardian leads with the WikiLeaks founder’s sensational arrest that saw him dragged from the Knightsbridge embassy where he had been holed up for nearly seven years in a diplomatic stand-off.

The Daily Mail also picks up the tale, saying he faces decades in a US jail after he was hauled out by eight policemen and put before a judge as extradition proceedings got under way.

He faces criminal action in America over his role in one of the “largest compromises of classified information in US history”, the Financial Times reports.

Ecuador had revoked the asylum he was granted after seeking refuge in the embassy in 2012, The Times reports.

The story is also in the front of the i and the Metro.

In other news, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said they will keep details about the arrangements for the birth of their baby private.

The story leads The Sun and the Daily Mirror.

And the Daily Telegraph and Daily Express lead with Brexit.