UK has been 'humiliated' by PM: Sir Bill Cash

Tory Brexiteer and Chair of the European Scrutiny Committee has said that the UK has been humiliated by Theresa May accepting a "flexible extension" with the EU until 31st October.

Theresa May has agreed a delay to Brexit until Halloween after EU leaders offered another extension to Article 50 at a late-night Brussels summit.

In the early hours of the morning, leaders of the remaining 27 EU member states decided to give the prime minister an extra six and a half half months in which to break the Brexit deadlock at Westminster.

Under the terms of the extension, if Mrs May finally gets her withdrawal agreement approved by the House of Commons before the 31st October, the UK could leave the EU earlier than that date.

Sir Bill Cash, Conservative MP for Stone and Chair of the European Scrutiny Committee, had already said that he may challenge a long extension in court.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on Thursday morning after the announcement of the delay, Sir Bill Cash expressed his disdain.

"This is an appalling negotiation. We've been humiliated.

"I hear words like, they will 'grant' us an extension - it's not to do with 'granting', it's simply a fact that we are leaving the European Union in accordance with the fact that we voted to do so in the British referendum".