Farage vows fightback against ‘establishment’ betrayal of Brexit

Nigel Farage is vowing to lead a fightback against an establishment which he said has betrayed the country over Brexit.

The former Ukip leader will step up the pressure on Theresa May with the launch on Friday of his newly formed Brexit Party’s campaign for the European elections on May 23.

Many Tories fear they will haemorrhage votes to the new party amid growing frustration with the continuing deadlock at Westminster.

In an article for The Daily Telegraph ahead of his launch event in Coventry, Mr Farage described the latest delay to Brexit as “nothing short of a national humiliation”.

He said Britain was governed by a “ruling class” which no longer believed in the country and made clear he intended to pitch the campaign as a “battle between the people and the politicians”.

“We are a great nation and a great people. But we are being held back by weak leadership. The time to change this is now,” he wrote.

“We see the next few weeks as the beginning of a fightback against an establishment that has wilfully betrayed our trust.

“Indeed, the word ‘Brexit’ is no longer just about leaving the European Union. It symbolises a wider battle between the people and the politicians.

“Our two-party system is shattered. It must be put out of its misery. The electorate has the power to effect this desperately needed change if it acts now.”

His rhetoric is likely to alarm some at Westminster at a time when MPs have reported growing numbers of personal threats in the highly charged atmosphere over Brexit.

Mr Farage however said his campaign was attracting growing support, raising £750,000 in small donations in the last 10 days.

At the same time, he said, more than 1,000 “high calibre” men and women had applied to be on the party’s European candidates list.

“This is the most ambitious project I have ever launched in my life,” he said.

“If, as I believe, the people want to change politics for good, I am going to give them the opportunity to make that happen.”