‘The Brexorcist’: Twitter users joke about new Halloween Brexit date

After the UK was given a “flexible” Brexit extension to October 31, social media users were quick to observe that the new date coincided with Halloween.

Many speculated on what their costume choices might be.

One user, @TechnicallyRon, explained his idea, saying: “Can’t wait to dress as Brexit for Halloween this year. Basically I’ll turn up to parties, say I’ll make them better, ruin everything and shout at people for complaining about it.”

Conservative councillor Stephen Canning said: “What will everyone be dressing as for Brexit Halloween? I’m going as an indicative vote.”

And BBC broadcaster Tina Daheley posted: “Considering my Brexit Halloween costume … Backstop, Irish Border or Red Line?”

Meanwhile, others speculated on possible film tie-ins, with one suggestion being The Brexorcist.

Opponents of Brexit, such as journalist Stig Abell, viewed the date as a “malign metaphor”, while lecturer Paul Bernal tweeted: “So, Halloween it is. Appropriate for a Cabinet of the Living Dead.”

And journalist Graeme Demianyk made a wry nod to the Leave campaign, saying: “Brexit delayed until Halloween? TAKE BAT CONTROL.”

But many were simply horrified by the development.

Historian Dr Fern Riddell tweeted: “Are…are you kidding. Brexit has been moved to Halloween? MY FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR? THE SEASON THAT KEEPS ME GOING? THE ONE GOOD, GLORIOUS AND PURE THING I HAD LEFT?”

And actor Reece Shearsmith perhaps echoed the views of many when he urged politicians: “Don’t you dare drag Halloween into Brexit.”