Richard Madeley apologises after swearing on Good Morning Britain


Richard Madeley has been forced to apologise after he was accused of swearing live on Good Morning Britain

The presenter was standing in for Piers Morgan, and welcomed The Voice winner Molly Hocking and her star coach Olly Murs to the daytime show.

During an interview with the pair, the presenter let slip a regrettable word live on air, prompting an apology from Madeley and Charlotte Hawkins.

Quizzing Hocking on her reaction to victory on The Voice, Madeley said: "How does it feel when you think 'oh s*** I won it'?"

An unfazed Hocking continued: "This is the first thing I've ever won in my life."

The interview with Murs and Hocking then continued, until Madeley was informed of his verbal slip.

He said: "Apparently I may have said the word beginning with 's' and ending in 't' just then, I didn't think I had, but I do apologise, I can only apologise.

Hawkins added: "We do apologise if you're offended by that."

Hocking made it a first win on The Voice for star coach Murs, who went head-to-head with Sir Tom Jones in the final.