Brexit quotes of the day


“When you enter into a negotiation like this to find a compromise way forward, both parties have to give something up. There is going to be pain on both sides” – Chancellor Philip Hammond.

“I said this is the policy of our party, that we would want to pursue the option of a public vote to prevent crashing out or to prevent leaving with a bad deal” – Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on his “useful but inconclusive” talks with Prime Minister Theresa May on the question of a public vote.

“I don’t think our party would forgive us if we were to sign off on a Tory Brexit without that kind of concession” – Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson, an advocate for a referendum.

“A constitutional outrage” – Tory MP Mark Francois’s description of a Bill, passed by 313 votes to 312, to further delay Brexit.

“I’m sure that we will be very keen to work with Government to make sure that this legislation progresses in a way that is sensible and works in the national interest” – Labour MP Yvette Cooper, sponsor of the Bill.

“It is completely shambolic and extremely badly drafted – a completely reprehensible procedure” – Tory MP Sir Bill Cash denounces the Bill.