Royals to attend premiere of new Sir David Attenborough series

Duke and Duchess of Sussex break Instagram records
Duke and Duchess of Sussex break Instagram records

The Prince of Wales and Duke and Duchess of Sussex will mix with TV royalty at the premiere of a flagship Netflix series.

Sir David Attenborough will host the event for the global launch of upcoming series Our Planet.

The naturalist made the move to Netflix for the eight-part series, which will carry an overtly environmental message exploring the natural world and how to protect it.

Charles, president of the World Wildlife Federation UK, will attend the premiere at the Natural History Museum in London on Thursday night along with Harry and Meghan.

David Attenborough on climate change
David Attenborough on climate change

The younger royals have attended numerous events supporting conservation, and Harry has helped schoolchildren plant trees.

Speaking to the BBC Science Focus magazine, Sir David said ahead of the new series: "You, me and the rest of the human species are critically dependent on the health of the natural world.

"If the seas stop producing oxygen, we would be unable to breathe, and there is no food that we can digest that doesn't originate from the natural world.

"If we damage the natural world, we damage ourselves."

Netflix has also announced the series will feature local narrators in 10 languages, including actresses Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek, who will narrate for Spain and Latin America respectively.