Man makes a mad dash for runaway mower

Staff writer

This is the hilarious moment a man lost track of his petrol lawnmower while gardening in Menai, New South Wales, Australia.

When the gardener turns his back the slope of the garden combines with the movement of the machine's blades and causes it to roll through the front garden and into the road.

By the time the man spots what's happened he is forced to sprint after the gung-ho grass cutter that is now careering towards someone who appears to be out collecting their bins.

Fortunately, the man catches his misbehaving machine in the nick of time, avoiding a nasty collision with his neighbour.

The hapless homeowner explained: "I was mowing the lawn and wearing shorts without pockets. I set my iPhone on the front bench and had my EarPods in to listen to music.

"When I went to the backyard to empty grass out of the catcher, the earbuds disconnected. I stopped mowing to press play again on my iPhone and I thought the mower was ok. It started moving and I ran."