Protesters use mirrors to send ‘symbolic’ SOS call to Europe over Brexit

More than 400 people gathered on cliffs near Brighton to send an SOS signal across the English Channel in protest against Brexit.

The protesters used mirrors and other reflective objects to send the signal in the direction of continental Europe.

The stunt was a “large scale, pro-EU, human artwork”, according to a statement issued by the organiser, Bristol-based artist Dunkan McKellar.

The large-scale artwork
The large-scale artwork

“The group successfully created a symbolic SOS call to the rest of Europe, to show the strength of the British pro-EU community in the face of Brexit chaos,” the statement added.

The protest took place on Saturday on the cliffs at Saltdean on the south coast.

The crowd spread out to form a long line along the coast, facing out across the sea.

People holding mirrors towards continental Europe
People holding mirrors towards continental Europe

Last year Mr McKellar worked on another artwork which saw people line a 1km stretch of the border between Mexico and the US.

Participants wore a mirrored mask which reflected the sun’s rays.

“The masks caught the sun and together they created a dazzling ray of hope crossing the border wall,” the statement added.