Fresh appeal for information on 10th anniversary of singer’s murder

Detectives investigating the murder of a former pop star 10 years ago have renewed their appeal for information in an attempt to solve the case.

More than 24 people have been arrested and released without charge following the death of Ian Newtion, who had a hit with Money Honey under his recording name Scoobie Santino in the 1990s.

Mr Newtion, 45, was killed in an underpass as he made his way home to Fulham in west London from a party in Greenford, north-west London, on March 22 2009.

Murder probe after singer found dead
Murder probe after singer found dead

Metropolitan Police believe the culprits intended to rob Mr Newtion after a small number of muggings where bottles were used were reported in the vicinity in the weeks before the murder, though none of the singer’s personal property was missing when he was found.

Detectives subsequently released CCTV images in a bid to reach people who may have seen him or his attacker shortly in the area, but to no avail.

Mr Newtion worked as a delivery driver by day and was a well-known figure in the local area with a large social circle, police said.

He had been performing in Rockware Avenue – known locally as the Scout Hut – at a rave event mainly attended by African-Caribbean people, Scotland Yard said. The evening passed without any incident.

It is not known what time father-of-one Mr Newtion left, but he is believed to have sustained his injuries when making his way home.

Murder probe after singer found dead
Murder probe after singer found dead

Detective Inspector Jamie Stevenson said: “Ten years have passed since Ian’s murder but our determination to find the person, or people, who killed him remains undiminished.

“The passing of time may mean there is someone who knows something, and whose allegiances to whoever committed this horrible crime may have changed. I want those people to know that it isn’t too late to contact us; you can still help us get justice for Ian’s family.

“By all accounts he has been described by his family and many friends as a kind and gentle man who so loved singing and brought joy to others with his music. He would not have looked for any trouble, and did not deserve to die in such a violent manner.

“Ian’s family need answers and we need you to help us to give it to them. There will be someone with a fragment of information that could lead to us taking a violent killer out of the community.”

The Met announced a reward of £20,000 shortly after the death for anyone able to provide information leading to the identification and conviction of Mr Newtion’s killers. It remains unclaimed.

Murder probe after singer found dead
Murder probe after singer found dead

The victim’s brother, Barry Newtion, said: “The person or persons who killed my brother took everything from us that day. I have had to live for so long without my brother; Ian’s daughter has had to grow and live without her father.

“The local community has been robbed of a passionate performer, who sought to bring the joy he found in music to other people. And for what? Who could do such a thing to such a harmless man?

“The answer to who killed Ian might well lie within the community he lived in and performed for. I’d say to anyone who may know something – search your heart, and please do the right thing. Ian’s loss has been immeasurable, but if we were to get justice for him, then we may be afforded some small amount of peace.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 or tweet @MetCC; alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.