Strong wind lifts man off the ground

This remarkable footage from Turkey shows a man being lifted several metres into the air, as he tries to keep a large umbrella from falling over in the strong winds.

The man jumped off as soon as he could but the umbrella fell on another man who was left injured.

The incident occurred as a storm moved through southern Turkey's Osmaniye province, according to the Daily Sabah.

"There were strong winds on the backside of strengthening surface low pressure that tracked over northeastern Syria and northern Iraq Sunday night and Monday," AccuWeather Meteorologist Dave Houk said.

The man involved, Sadık Kocadallı, is seen struggling to secure the large parasol as heavy winds buffet the area, but when Kocadallı steps on the structure's base in an effort to keep it upright a large gust lifts him and the umbrella far off the ground.

Kocadallı told the Daily Sabah: "I'm fine actually. After I realised the umbrella was going to keep going up, I jumped off. I think I rose 3 or 4 metres."

As the umbrella crashed back to earth it struck Mehmet Ali Bıçakçı, who was knocked unconscious, and sustained a broken foot and ribs thanks to the rogue umbrella.