Charles jokes as he and Camilla sample best of Cuban produce

The Prince of Wales found himself at a “rum do” when he was put to work grinding sugar cane for its juice.

Charles quipped “cheap labour” after he agreed to operate a small hand mill which crushed the cane during the final day of his historic visit to Cuba – but soon found it hard going.

He laughed as he struggled to wind the handle and said “that’s a long piece of sugar cane” as it slowly moved into the jaws of the machine.

After his efforts had produced around half a pint of sugary liquid, the heir to the throne asked: “Can you put rum in it?” and was soon sipping his efforts with an added shot of the famous Caribbean drink.

The heir to the throne joked before trying the impromptu cocktail, saying “I’ve come to a rum do.”

The Duchess of Cornwall had joined her husband’s visit to the paladar, or private restaurant in Havana, where some of Cuba’s best produce, from traditional dishes given a modern twist to Cuban comfort food, was on display.

Before the trip, Camilla had said she was not sure about Cuban food and the event was set up following her comments.

She nibbled on goats cheese flavoured with ginger and said: “I’ve never had cheese with ginger – very good.”

The duchess later promised to send her food writer son Tom Parker Bowles to Cuba to write about the country’s cuisine.