Cardi B responds to video in which she claims to have 'drugged and robbed' men

The rapper says she did what she had to do to “survive”
The rapper says she did what she had to do to “survive”

Cardi B has addressed a video in which she claims to have ‘drugged and robbed men’ during her time working as a stripper.

The Grammy-winning rapper says she is not proud of her actions, but that she did what she had to do to “survive”.

In the resurfaced video, the performer is heard saying: “I had to go strip, I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to f*** me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s go back to this hotel,’ and I drugged n***** up, and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do.”

In a post on Instagram, the 26-year-old, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, has since responded to the controversy, claiming she made the choices she did because she had “very limited options” at the time.

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“So I’m seeing on social media that a live [stream] I did 3 years ago has popped back up, began the post. “A live where I talked about things I had to do in my past, right or wrong, that I felt I needed to do to make a living.

“I never claim to be perfect or come from a perfect world with a perfect past. I always speak my truth. I always own my s***.

“I’m part of a hip hop culture where you can talk about where you come from talk about the wrong things you had to do to get where you are.

The rapper said she does not have a “perfect past”

She added that there are rappers who “glorify” murder, violence drugs and robbing – crimes they felt they had to commit to “survive” – but that she had never personally glorified anything like that.

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She added: “I was blessed to have been able to rise from that but so many women have not. Whether or not they were poor choices at the time I did what I had to do to survive.

She also wrote that the men she spoke about in the video were ones she had dated and were “conscious and willing and aware.”