What the papers say – March 26

Another significant day for Brexit leads the majority of the papers on Tuesday.

The Times reports that Parliament seized control of Brexit after a Commons vote, with three government ministers resigning as they joined 29 Tory MPs defying a three-line whip to defeat the Government.

The Daily Telegraph says Theresa May has been left powerless after MPs backed the plan to hold votes on alternatives to her deal.

The i calls it “yet another humiliation” for the Prime Minister, while the Daily Express says Mrs May was warned that triggering a general election might be the only way to end the Brexit deadlock.

The Guardian reports that the PM had earlier announced she did not have the support to justify holding a third “meaningful vote” on her deal.

Mrs May has admitted Britain could be heading for a “slow Brexit” after Tory Eurosceptics refused again to back her plan, the Financial Times reports.

The Metro runs with the headline: “Stuck in the muddle with EU”, while The Sun claims Mrs May is in a “Mexican stand-off” with Brexiteers after she hinted at quitting in exchange for MPs passing her deal.

The Daily Mail questions whether Britain could be facing a general election after ministers suggested the chaos over Brexit could see it happening within weeks.

In other news, the Daily Mirror reports that energy firms are holding £909 million of customers’ cash after a mild winter left many in credit.

And the Daily Star claims “killer” hornets are set to invade Britain as temperatures rise.