Delivery driver run over by her own van as thief jumps behind wheel

This is the shocking moment when a female delivery driver is run over by her own vehicle - after it was stolen during her rounds in Lancashire.

The woman was making deliveries around Wigan, Greater Manchester, when the yob jumped in her car and tried to drive away.

The owner of the vehicle valiantly threw herself on to the bonnet of the Vauxhall Agila in a bid to stop him escaping and CCTV footage shows her being carried along the road.

But the thief refused to stop and weaved the car down the road, speeding up and throwing the woman to the ground when she finally lost her grip.

The car appears to run over her lower half as it speeds around the corner and out of sight.

A neighbour who witnessed the incident told the Daily Mail: "I saw her suddenly run around the side of the car and stand in front of it, banging on the bonnet and shouting for help, to block his way.

"Then he started to drive off. She was pushing as hard as she could to stop him, but she began to move backwards as he drove on."

The woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries, although they were not thought to be life threatening. Greater Manchester Police asked for anyone with information to contact them.

Detective Sergeant Chris Broad said: "This was a terrifying robbery, which has left the victim requiring hospital treatment.

"It happened in broad daylight, so I'm hoping someone may be able to help us quickly find the man before he can do any further damage."