Giant inflatable cucumber gets into a bit of a pickle in Sydney Harbour

Excitement over a promotional stunt for Hendrick's Gin soon fizzled out when a giant cucumber travelling across Sydney Harbour in the name of the brand suddenly toppled off its mooring and burst open.

In the video above, filmed by a local woman, Vanessa Chapman-Steer, workers in a nearby building can be heard marvelling at the large inflatable cucumber, a popular garnish used in gin drinks.

However, the thrill doesn't last long. Soon enough, the giant vegetable rips open and deflates into the water, triggering hysterical laughter from onlookers.

"Working in picturesque #barangaroo you have the benefit of panoramic #Sydney harbour views. Today, we were surprised to watch the worlds largest cucumber curteousy [sic] of #hendriksgin floating on the harbour. And we were treated to this hilarious promo disaster," Chapman-Steer said in a Linkedin post alongside the video.