Charles drums up interest during Caribbean island visit

The Prince of Wales got into the Caribbean spirit when he tried his hand at some West Indies folk drumming during a trip to a picturesque island.

Charles could not resist showing he can beat out a rhythm when he joined the Combined Schools Masquerade group for an impromptu performance during a visit to St Kitts and Nevis.

As Colin Stapleton, who leads the group held his snare drum, the future king banged away with a smile on his face and then said “I need a bit more practice” as he ended his performance.

Royal tour of the Caribbean – Day 5
Royal tour of the Caribbean – Day 5

He was at the official residence of St Kitts and Nevis’s deputy governor general Hyleta Liburd, with his wife, and met prominent locals.

Later the duchess was offered the classic Caribbean drink rum punch when she visited the historic Hermitage Plantation House on Nevis, and said “I couldn’t say no.”

Richard Lupinacci, who runs the estate which dates from the 1670s as a plantation inn for tourists, said their recipe was hundreds of years old and was made from “One of sour, two sweet, three strong and four weak – it’s a cure all.”

Royal tour of the Caribbean – Day 5
Royal tour of the Caribbean – Day 5

After taking a sip the duchess, who on Wednesday had tried some 40% proof rum, said: “That’s delicious and packs a punch – it’s really alcoholic.”

Charles and Camilla watched the Combined Schools Masquerade group give a performance in the grounds of the Governor General’s home in Nevis.

Mr Stapleton said about the prince’s playing: “It was nice – he could have a place with us, with a bit more practice.”