Scotland’s needs are being ignored by Westminster – Sturgeon

Scotland’s needs are being “totally ignored” by Westminster while the case for Scotland governing itself has never been stronger, the First Minister has said.

Nicola Sturgeon, writing for the Sunday Mail, warned again that Brexit would be bad for Scotland.

She said: “The UK Parliament has not worked in Scotland’s national interest for a very long time, if indeed it ever did.

“But this was the week in which that was utterly exposed and plain for all to see.

“We learned that the Scottish Tories are happy to actively vote against our national interests, all but one of them refusing to back plans to definitely rule out the no-deal Brexit which would be ruinous for our economy and society.”

In 2016 Scotland voted in favour of the UK staying in the EU by 62% to 38%, with all of the 32 council areas backing Remain.

Last week Ms Sturgeon argued that the failure of the Commons to agree on a deal meant the issue should now be put back to the public in a new referendum.

In the article she went on to criticise Jeremy Corbyn, who she said “still isn’t capable of fulfilling the role of an opposition leader” and described Theresa May as “obstinate and stubborn”.

Ms Sturgeon warned against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, adding: “In these most uncertain of times, no one should assume anything, and it remains a possibility that through a combination of arm-twisting, bullying, bribery and ­brinkmanship, the Brexit deal could yet pass.”

She said the case for Scotland governing itself has “never been stronger”.

“The people of Scotland deserve the chance to choose a better future than this,” she added.