Tiny leopard cub rescued from certain death in village well

This is the moment a leopard cub step into a rescue cage lowered into a 25-foot-deep well in Manchar in Western India.

A farmer, who went to turn on the motor pump, was startled to find the helpless leopard staring up at him from the well in Pondvadi Lakhangaon village on March 13.

On receiving word of the incident, the Wildlife SOS team and forest officers rushed to the location.

They lowered a trap cage into the well to safely extricate the young leopard. The leopard grasped that it was a way out and hesitantly stepped into the cage.

The cage with the cub inside was pulled up and the little feline later transferred to a Forest Department base for observation prior to release.

Dr. Ajay Deshmukh said: ''The cub was kept under observation to ensure she recuperated safely from the ordeal.''

''As leopards are territorial animals, their survival in the wild reduces if they are released in a different area. Therefore, the leopard was later released close to where she had been found."