What the papers say – March 14

Brexit continues to dominate the front pages on Thursday after MPs dramatically voted to rule out a no-deal departure.

“Chaos reigns”, says the Daily Mail, as it reports that Theresa May gave MPs a week to pass her Brexit deal or stay in the EU for years.

The Daily Mirror describes the situation as “meltdown”, reporting that 13 rebel Tory ministers rejected a no-deal plan in “another humiliating defeat” for the Prime Minister.

The Times runs with a similar headline, and says the PM is preparing a third vote on her Brexit plan after holding secret compromise talks with the DUP and Brexiteers.

The i warns that a Brexit delay is likely, while the Daily Express says a defiant Mrs May challenged MPs to accept her deal to spare Britain from being bullied by the EU.

The Guardian describes an “unprecedented night of Tory splits”.

And the Daily Telegraph says a plot to delay Britain’s departure from the EU for up to two years was under way after four Cabinet ministers betrayed Mrs May by helping to kill no deal for good.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times reports that the PM issued an ultimatum to Eurosceptic MPs after “yet another humiliation at Westminster”.

The Metro runs with the headline: “It’s a total no-no.”

And The Independent calls it a “farcical night in Westminster”.

In other news, The Sun reports that a new Netflix documentary claims Madeleine McCann is still alive.