Ed Sheeran’s ‘wildlife pond’ angers neighbours who claim it is a swimming pool

WI: Ed Sheeran in Concert
WI: Ed Sheeran in Concert

Angered neighbours of Ed Sheeran have claimed that a "wildlife pond" on his Suffolk estate could actually be used as a swimming pool.

The local council gave retrospective planning permission for changes to the pop star's pond which was built last year.

It said it must only be used for wildlife and not for swimming or any other recreational leisure activity.

A planning application submitted on behalf of the 28-year-old singer-songwriter claimed a jetty and two sets of steps would "form interest to the pond" and enable access "in the event of maintenance and emergency".

Two sheds would be used for storing equipment, the document said, adding that a common newt and a number of insects have been seen in the pond already.

But neighbours wrote to the authority claiming the pond could be used for swimming.

Andrew Cattee said that "what was initially a wildlife pond has... become a recreational swimming pond, now with the addition of steps, handrail and jetty".

He continued: "I am a huge supporter of the creation of ecosystems, especially when it comes to ponds and wetlands.

"What I would hate to see here is that this is taken one step too far and transformed into an area of development that is for no gain to the wildlife that lives there but only to add to the amusement of those that reside at the property."

Tony Robinson wrote: "I believe that the development of the site is more about creating an environment for a 'wild lifestyle' rather than actual 'wildlife'!"

Plans to build a Saxon-style chapel on Sheeran's estate were last year rejected after a wildlife group voiced concerns about the possible impact on great crested newts.

Sheeran's team has been approached for comment.