Passengers panic as cruise ship rocked by high wind

Terrifying footage captured scenes of panic as a Norwegian Cruise Line ship was rocked by a strong gust of wind as it departed New York City earlier this month.

Anthony Ciaramello captured this video from inside the ship showing injured passengers and flying objects.

Representatives from Norwegian Cruise Line confirmed to ABC News its Norwegian Escape vessel was hit by a "sudden, extreme gust of wind" at 100 knots (115mph), causing a tilt towards the port side.

The cruise line confirmed several people were injured and treated by the ship's medical staff.

The number and extent of injuries were not confirmed.

Ciaramello told Storyful he was watching a movie with other passengers when the ship started to sway.

"I went flying as it tilted and landed on my stomach and slid like 20 feet and smashed into a guard rail in the middle of the floor."

"I actually thought I was going to die."

The ship was reportedly heading to its first stop to Port Canaveral in Florida to begin a seven-night cruise.