Melania opens up about living at the White House

The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, has given a small glimpse into her busy schedule during a recent town hall appearance in Las Vegas.

The Q&A mainly focused on the battle to stem the opioid crisis in the US, but she also revealed some details of her life in the White House, saying that she doesn't find the time for cooking, but keeps the White House in "beautiful, perfect shape."

Asked if she ever cooks for her family and allows the White House chefs to have a night off she responded: "I didn't do that yet, honestly. There are always little snacks I could prepare for our son, when he comes home late. But no, [there's] really no time. They're doing in the White House, they're doing such a fantastic job. They're real professionals, so I want to keep them."

Asked about her ideal meal to share with the family, she said, "maybe spaghetti."

She went on to describe how her weekdays begin early in the morning, seeing her 12-year-old son Barron off to school. "Then I start working," she continued. "I'm very detail-oriented."

The first lady has 12 staff who work in the East Wing, and another 100 who work in the White House residence.

She also described how she recently embarked on some interior redecoration at the White House bowling alley. "I just renovated it," she said. "It really looks beautiful. We have fun sometimes and I'm looking forward to using it more now."