Who you gonna call? Pugs react to 'ghost activity' in their house

Bizarre footage of possible ghost activity has been caught at a home camera in Surrey.

CCTV footage shows two pugs staring intently at something in the room that can't be seen by the human eye.

Eventually, the pugs get scared when the dining chairs seem to move by themselves.

"Ever since moving in it's had a strange vibe in the dining room and people have said they feel like they're being stared at," Liam the owner says.

The camera has recently been introduced into the house by Liam to keep an eye on his pugs, however, this is what he found when he looked over the footage.

"At the time of this recording everyone was asleep, the camera didn't pick up and motion of anyone on the stairs but when the chairs move suddenly you can see our puppy jump in fright."