What the papers say – March 6

Knife crime, letter bombs and Brexit lead the Wednesday’s papers.

The Daily Mail leads with a court’s decision not to jail a teenager “with a history of carrying a knife”, while Boris Johnson has called for the police to have more stop-and-search powers.

The Sun says the Army is on standby to help tackle the knife crime crisis.

School pupils are getting lessons in how to deliver first aid to knife-crime victims, The Times reports.

Counter-terror police are investigating three explosive devices sent to major transport hubs in London, the Daily Mirror reports.

The Daily Telegraph says a possible Irish dissident plot is being considered as a line of inquiry into the packages.

The i and the Metro also lead with the story.

Northern Ireland faces “grave” consequences from a no-deal Brexit, a top civil servant has told the Financial Times.

The Home Office has been criticised over its decision-making despite concerns raised by the Windrush scandal, The Guardian reports.

And criminals are making large amounts of money by selling unlicensed drugs on the internet, the Daily Express reports.