Nigel Farage charging Brexiteer marchers £50 to walk from Sunderland to London

Nigel Farage (PA)
Nigel Farage (PA)

Is the true price of Brexit?

If you want to walk with Nigel Farage on his Brexit march from Sunderland to Westminster later this month, it will cost you £50.

However, in return, you will get an official ‘March to Leave’ kit for your money.

And those who walk with the former UKIP leader for two or more days will get their breakfast, dinner and accommodation paid for as well.

The £50 fee will be made via PayPal.

Farage says he will lead the 277-mile march, which begins on March 29, the day the UK is set to leave the European Union.

He tweeted: ‘We’re marching from Sunderland to London to tell the Westminster elite we will not be betrayed over Brexit. Get your walking boots on!’

A projection on the Houses of Parliament calling for a second Brexit vote (PA)
A projection on the Houses of Parliament calling for a second Brexit vote (PA)

The march is being organised by the Leave Means Leave group.

It comes as Britain’s future relationship with Europe remains unclear – and if the country will even leave the European Union in 28 days’ time.

Theresa May’s announcement that she will offer MPs a vote, by March 12, on delaying the UK’s departure from the EU or ruling out a no-deal Brexit, if they reject her deal, means it is no longer certain the Government will take the UK out of the EU on March 29.

Deal or no-deal: Theresa May (PA)
Deal or no-deal: Theresa May (PA)

At the same time, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said his party will back a second referendum.

However, there has been some scepticism over whether or not Mr Farage will walk the entire route from Sunderland.

The route, which will also take in place such as Middlesbrough and Doncaster, also features some gaps, according to reports, where it appears the marchers will be transported up to 30 miles from the end of one stage to the start of the next.

Opponents of Farage, including the author Emma Kennedy, accused him of cheating, ‘like you did in 2016’, referring to the referendum.

The march will end with a rally in Parliament Square.

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Leave Means Leave chairman John Longworth said: ‘The Westminster elite has had over two years to implement Brexit and instead has done everything in its power to prevent it.

An extension of Article 50, thereby kicking the can further down the road, is completely unacceptable.’

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