Kate Garraway has the 'Good Morning Britain' team in tears over live blunder

Kate Garraway had her co-hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard in fits of laughter – and even tears – when she made a hilariously awkward blunder live on air.

The 51-year-old television presenting veteran was meant to introduce Good Morning Britain’s meteorologist Laura Tobin on Thursday morning, but instead let out a muffled sound.

As Hawkins and Shephard burst out in laughter and claimed to be in tears over the bizarre moment – Garraway simply shrugged off the gaffe.

“Sometimes I don’t need to speak, I just make a noise!” Garraway joked.

“I was just going ‘ohh Laura and lambs’. The producers chose to show a really embarrassing moment on television again.

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“Why are you doing this to me? Someone hates me this morning. They’re coming back for revenge,” she explained.

She went on to introduce Lorraine Kelly with a silly noise, with a confused Kelly asking if the GMB team were drunk.

(ITV Pictures)
(ITV Pictures)

“Have you all been drinking? If you have – give me some!” Kelly said.

“I think someone on the team has been,” Garraway replied.

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Garraway, who is currently standing-in along with Shephard in Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid’s absence, is known for causing a bit of the stir on the morning chat show.

Only a few weeks back her chaotic and very messy bedroom was revealed, with Shephard calling her ‘filth!’

“For heaven’s sake Kate! How can you live like that?” co-host Ben Shephard joked.

“You’re like the hoarder next door…just have a tidy room and a tidy mind Kate,” he continued.

A laughing Garraway argued that she was actually organised, and the dress and bag hanging up in the image was her ‘next day’ outfit. But she also admitted to her own mother discovering a rather nasty surprise in her messy room.

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“My mum went into my bedroom and touched what she thought was a peach. It was actually a grape with so much fur around it that when she touched it it exploded, throwing spores everywhere,” she told the panel.

“Kate Garraway. You are filth!” responded a dismayed Shephard.